What to Look for in a Metal Fabrication Company

what to look for in a metal fabrication company

What to Look for in a Metal Fabrication Company

Why Does it Matter?

When choosing a metal fabrication company to work with, you need to ensure that whoever you choose is the best fit for you. Not every metal specialists company is the same. Some have more advantages of metal fabrication companies than others. Some have the affordable price that is perfect for you. It is important that every factor in a metal welding company is up to your standards before you approach one to do a job for you. Companies such as Special Metal Fabrications always ensure that they are up to scratch on their work and make a positive long-lasting impression on all who associate their work with them.

Experience of The Company

When it comes to choosing a metal welding company to carry out a job, it is of course important that they have relevant experience to what is needed for the job in question. How long the company has been in the metal fabrication business is vital, but also so is the types of fabrication jobs they have carried out in the past. If a company has never done a job similar to what you are planning to ask of them, then there is very little assurance that the work carried out will be of a high standard. You must always ensure that the company you are asking has done a variety of work including something similar to what you are asking them to do to cement assurance that it will be done perfectly.

The Company’s Reputation

There may be times when contacting a metal fabrications company that you have heard next to nothing about their previous dealings. An important point to make is that you have very little information about who you are contacting. Nowadays, there are a number of platforms that allow you to view the reputation of a company to see if they are truly worth contacting. Online business reviews, blogger reviews, employee reviews or even word of mouth from people you know personally. These are a handful of ways for you to see what is worthwhile about a metal fabrication company. You need to make sure that there have been no negative experiences with a company so that you know who to go to and who not to go to.

Number of Employees in The Workforce

In the instance that you are about to pitch quite a big job to a metal fabrication company, you need to know that the company is up to the challenge, namely through the number of workers they have. Some smaller fabrication companies will only have a relatively small workforce, some of whom who may not have yet dealt with big metal fabrication jobs. You must be sure that a company you are approaching definitely has the workforce that will be able to complete the work by the time you need it to be done, all workers also having the relevant skills set to complete the job to a high standard.

The Company’s Pricing

Whatever project you are planning to pitch to a metal fabrication company, you must always ensure that the quote you are given is fair. The best way to determine this is to contact multiple companies (if there are enough located near you) to see either a trend in pricing or a particular price that is best for you. In whichever case, you must ensure your pricing is right considering the company who has given you it. If you are given a relatively low cost, is it because the company allows you to budget or is it because the company isn’t the best and won’t give you as good of a result as others?

The Company’s Operation Size

Much like looking into a company’s workforce size, you must ensure the companies actual facility (or facilities in some cases) is big enough for the job. Some company’s fabrication shops are only a particular size, and so are limited to the amount of work they can take into it at once. When approaching a metal fabrication company about a project, you must make sure that the operation size of the company is big enough for what you want to be done. If you feel the company isn’t going to be up to the challenge, you may be best looking elsewhere.

The Company’s Dependability

Connecting to looking into a company’s reputation, one thing to take notice of when looking into a company is if they are dependable. When you give a metal fabricator a project to complete, you need to be assured that it will be done an excellent standard by the time you need it, if not earlier. Dependability is imperative with a company centred in the welding industry, due to the possible size and time taken to complete the project.

The Company’s Quality of Work

Having been mentioned in a number of these points already, standards of work is important. It is always very handy for you to look into the certifications a metal fabrication company holds. This enables you to get an idea of what quality control the company carries out on their work and what kind of standards they are known to produce from looking at their previous work if possible.

The Finishing Choices

Though the actual fabrication and manufacturing process is wholly important to the completion of the project at hand, it is not the most important part of the overall process. The blasting, painting and finishing of the work is important as it is the final touches of the project. Some companies will pass work onto a secondary company for the final touches of the project, but you will find some companies do the final process themselves. It is these companies that are best to contact as you then know who and how well your work will be done upon completion.

Contact Special Metal Fabrications

Special Metal Fabrications, founded in 2004, has since become renowned for their quality of work, dealing in the supplying, machining and of course fabrication of refractory metal products. Our in-house machining assures customers of the quality of work and who will be responsible for making sure their project is completed on time and to a high standard. If looking for a company with all of the advantages of metal fabrication companies, look no further than us.

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