Why Special Metals Fabrication are ahead of their Competitors

Special Metals Fabrication

Why Special Metals Fabrication are ahead of their Competitors


Special Metals Fabrication – Exceeding Your Expectations


What We Do

We specialise in the handling of refractory materials including their machining, fabrication and supply. Our team of skilled engineers carefully craft and machine fully finished products from your uploaded drawings or supplied specifications and we take pride in doing all our own in-house welding and in-house machining to make sure that your project time lines are not hampered in any way. What we do with special metals we do with over 120 years’ experience guiding every process and every safety procedure. We are ISO Certified (ISO9001:2008) to further prove our drive towards ever improving quality assurance systems throughout our entire manufacturing cycle.

Metal Fabrication Specialists and Welders

We have carved a name for ourselves as the one-stop shop for all types of fabrication using refractory materials which are incredibly awkward to work on for the average welder. But we don’t have average welders and our investment in plant machinery has seen us rocket to the top of our field in terms of metal fabrication and our handling of special metals is admired industry wide. We offer same-day welding with a next day delivery service and our attention to detail is paramount and well established.

Specialists in Handling Complex Materials

There are only a handful of companies in the UK who are able to successfully weld Tantalum since it is an extremely complex material which can be ruined if not handled correctly. Our engineering team are fully coded to weld this highly sensitive metal and we possess the latest equipment and welding chambers to achieve superior results.

Aqua Blasting and Bead Blasting Services

A recent addition to our offerings is aqua and bead blasting which fits in perfectly with the other services we provide. Aquablasting uses a mixture of water and extra fine media to impact surfaces and leave them with a smooth stain resistant and easy wipe surface. Works best with stainless steel as well as other non-ferrous materials. Bead blasting involves the use of very fine non-metallic media to finely smooth any shaped object and is ideal for awkward shapes such as cylinder heads, brake drums, exhausts and wheels. We use the Vaqua Aqua Blaster as well as a Guyson Bead/Grit Blaster for all of our blasting.

Specialties Handled

We have forged our professional career handling materials others can’t due to the lack of investment in training and the appropriate equipment. We specialise in handling the following materials:

  • Molybdenum – Mo
  • Tantalum – Ta
  • Titanium – Ti
  • Niobium – Nb
  • Zirconium – Zr
  • Tungsten – T

Why Use SMF?

We have made our trade our passion and we live, sleep and eat specialist metal fabrication. Since 1909 we have been at the forefront of developments in our industry and continue to develop our skills and equipment to meet every expectation. Our heavy investment in plant machinery is easy to see from our current plant list as follows:

CNC Milling Machines

  • Bridgeport VMC-760
  • XYZ Turrock CNC-Mill
  • Bridgeport VMC-460

Sheet Metal Equipment

  • 2 Spot Welders
  • 2 Guillotines
  • 1 Bead Bending Machine
  • 1 Safan Break Press
  • 2 Rollers
  • 1 Bandsaw
  • 1 Chopsaw
  • 1 IMAC Notcher


  • Hyundai HIT-15 CNC Lathe
  • Hyundai Hit-18 CNC Lathe
  • Colchester Triumph 200
  • Colchester Triumph Chipmaster
  • EMCO 342 CNC Lathe + Bar Feeder
  • Harrison Alpha 400
  • Harrison Alpha 400+
  • Harrison Alpha 550

Our dedication to quality is proven by our ISO Certified status. Our promise of excellence to our customers remains unbroken across all our services.

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