A guide to molybdenum parts and fittings

molybdenum parts

A guide to molybdenum parts and fittings

Although numerous refractory metals can be used to manufacture wrought products, it’s fair to say, molybdenum is one of the most popular – and, over the years, our team of experts have been tasked with creating a very diverse range of molybdenum parts, fittings and components.

This silvery-white metal has a number of advantageous properties over other metals. For example, it has an incredibly high melting point (at 2620°C) and it demonstrates exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity. Thanks to its strong yet ductile nature, it can be transformed into a number of different metal parts, which can be used for a wide range of industrial applications.

In the following blog, we take a look at the main types of metal parts and fittings that can be manufactured from molybdenum, highlighting their key applications and uses.

Wrought products manufactured with molybdenum

1. Molybdenum sheets

Molybdenum sheets are either square or rectangular in shape and they are designed to be as thin as possible (typically less than 0.1 inches). Their surface can be given a matte or shiny finish, dependent on the intended use, and large quantities can be manufactured with little difficulty.

This particular type of molybdenum part has the same melting point as the original element and, as such, it maintains its strength and integrity at high temperatures. Molybdenum sheets are commonly used to make lighting parts, heating elements, plasma sprayers and rocket nozzles.

2. Molybdenum plates

A molybdenum plate is very similar to a molybdenum sheet; in fact, the only difference is size. Plates are typically smaller and thicker than sheets, with an average thickness of 0.1-3 inches. They demonstrate all the same qualities and properties of the basic element and they are often used as a ‘blank’ – that is, a metal part that will be used to make something more complex at a later date.

molybdenum plates

3. Molybdenum bars

Molybdenum bars come in an array of different lengths and thicknesses and their size is often determined by their intended application. For example, whilst thick bars are commonly used in the furnace industry – to construct heating elements, conductors, radiation screens and sintering trays – thin bars are more commonly seen in the electrical lighting and glass-making sector.

Once again, this particular type of metal part mirrors the characteristics of the original element – therefore, they have a wide range of applications and they are often used as an alloy component.

4. Molybdenum rods

This is, without doubt, the most versatile type of molybdenum metal part currently available. Molybdenum rods can be manufactured to any length or diameter and there are a wide range of end shapes to choose from – including tips, plateaus, bevels, chamfers, and grooves, to name just a few.

They are often used as a base component for more sophisticated metal parts and they can be easily adapted to create a different wrought product (e.g. rolled into a sheet or drawn into a wire).

molybdenum rods

5. Molybdenum wire

Molybdenum wire is simply created by stretching out a molybdenum rod. It is usually 0.18-3mm in diameter and, thanks to its strength and integrity, it is frequently used in high-heat and high-pressure applications – such as aerospace engineering, military technology, missile and rocket components, plasma sprayers, furnace electronics and heating elements.

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Special Metals Fabrication (SMF) is one of the UK’s leading stockists, suppliers, and manufacturers of wrought products. Our team have over 120 years’ experience in this specialist industry and, by combining our expert knowledge with state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, we are capable of producing a diverse range of molybdenum parts, fittings and components.

If you have a particular project in mind and you would like to discuss our molybdenum parts in further detail, please feel free to get in touch. Either give us a call on 01268 820409 or send a quick message using our online form and we will help to identify the perfect metal parts for you!

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