Winners of the Metal Pack of the Year

Winners of the Metal Pack of the Year

UK Packaging Awards 2013 winners: Metal Pack of the Year

Sometimes its always nice to see how other industries rely on metal to be used for a living.
Of course we manufacture parts using metal and special metals in particular but these companies below use metal to create packaging and as time goes by there is always a need to be “environmentally” friendly and it could be quite testing on packaging companies to create and produce items this way and be recognised for it.

The Shortlisted
Ardagh Group: 10 litre Little Greene Lever Lid Paint Can
Ardagh Group: Nemo Can
Ball Packaging Europe Holding: Coors Light – two stage cold activated can
Ball Packaging Europe Holding: DynamarkTM – variable printing technology enables mass customisation
Reckitt Benckiser (Brands): Cillit Bang Active Foam Soap Scum & Shower Aerosol Can
United Closures and Plastics: Gordon’s and Cucumber

Ardagh Group: Nemo Can

“A huge leap forward” and “a real game changer in metal packaging” was how Ardagh’s can was greeted by the judges. They were impressed with the product’s weight gains and potential to deliver better label graphics. Developed with Nemo for Bonduelle the can represents the next generation of food containers and has been 10 years of R&D in the making. For the first time in food canning, the company has been able to employ nitrogen dosing techniques, similar to those in the beverage industry. The completely redesigned and re-engineered container is able to withstand pressures of up to 4.5 bar. The new 400g can uses 15% less material thanks to an astounding 43% reduction in the can wall thickness. It is estimated that 1bn cans were converted to the new design, a material saving that would be equivalent to the weight of metal in the Eiffel Tower – an estimated CO2 saving of around 15%. And the can isn’t just about the material savings. The removal of the beading gives the can a sleeker, premium look allowing for direct printing or the application of a high quality label substrate.

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