Why stealing metal isn’t worth the dangers..

Why stealing metal isn’t worth the dangers..

Although the theft of scrap metal has been decreasing within the last 18 months we still come across stories about how people have come into danger(s) whilst stealing the metal, or the danger(s) thieves have caused after the theft.

On our blog we have posted a few stories that we have found regarding issues like these.

1. Benfleet Train Station – June 2012

The emergency services were called when two  men were trying to steal scrap metal in the early hours one morning.
Foolishly they didn’t time it very well and one of the men was electrocuted and died at the scene, whilst the other man ran away.

2.  Derelict Houses – 2011

Back in 2011, we found that many scrap metal thieves were breaking into derelict houses that were for demolition. Although there was no body hurt they were risking their own lives by going in as well as the police officers that had to go in daily to check no body was in there too.

3. Children’s Metal Play Parks

We read a story last year that metal was being stolen from children’s play parks because of them being made from metal. Leaving children in certain areas without any where to play.

4. Manhole Covers

Back in 2010 it was found that many thieves were stealing man hole covers, and now its happening again. The issue here is when they remove the manhole covers they live a hole in the ground, if the public do not see these whether they are walking, driving or on a bicycle then accidents are going to happen.

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