Welcome to SMF

Welcome to SMF

The history of Special Metals Fabrication Ltd (SMF) can be traced back to 1909 when Murex Ltd was founded on the banks of the river Thames at Rainham in Essex. Murex were pioneers in the extraction and production of refractory metals, especially molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and zirconium. Processes were developed to produce these metals in sheet and rod form so a machine and fabrication shop was set up to show customers how to use and fabricate these new materials.

In 1969, Harry Hart, the machine shop manager decided that rather than give others the expertise to fabricate the materials it would be profitable to offer a fabrication service. Thus Harry and a few employees of the machine shop left Murex and formed Special Metals Fabrication Ltd. in Romford, England. The company went from strength to strength, moving to bigger premises in Rochford, Essex, England and in 1983 to a site in West Horndon, Brentwood, England.In 1985 the Murex Refractory Metal Division merged with SMF and thus SMF acquired metal rolling facilities as well as extra fabrication equipment and employees.

CSM Industries of Cleveland Ohio, a company also in the refractory metals business bought the company in 1988 and invested heavily in new equipment to make the original SMF one of the largest integrated refractory metal producers, stockists and fabricators in Europe. In 1998 SMF & CSM Industries was bought by H.C. Starck Inc, and the name was formally changed from SMF Ltd to H.C. Stark (West Horndon) Inc. Production continued and as well as stocking and fabricating refractory metals, SMF/HC Starck used their extensive experience in the fabrication of nickel alloys to offer a full design and fabrication service to the chemical, pharmaceutical, furnace, aerospace, defence, nuclear and electronic industries.

In July 2004 the West Horndon plant was officially closed and most of the West Horndon employees were made redundant. Gary Cook, one of the skilled and experienced machinists took this opportunity to set up and establish the new Special Metals Fabrication Ltd at premises based in Wickford.

The new Special Metals Fabrication was thus born and is now a thriving and successful fabrication company with the emphasis on growth. Many of the original West Horndon employees have now joined Gary, each bringing along their unique skills, knowledge and experience to the business. We trust that the above and other information on this site has given you an insight into our capabilities and hope we will be given the opportunity to quote against your present and future enquiries.

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