Vega Controls enhances radar level transmitters

Vega Controls enhances radar level transmitters

Vegapuls radar level transmitters from Vega Controls are evolving into the ‘Plicsplus’ generation.

Using ultra-fast, efficient microprocessors means that the new radars can see five times higher-definition ‘echo’ detail with increased accuracy.

Improved signal processing delivers quicker level output changes, down to 250m/s.

Temperature ranges have increased to 450C and there are new antenna options in Tantalum and Titanium and additional housings in dual-chamber format: St.St and plastic.

An optimised in-head programmer/display, free-to-download Pactware software and new ‘plug-in’ terminal connectors are intended to facilitate deployment, setup and commissioning.

Plicsplus units are forward and backward compatible: new sensors and existing adjustment software and new radar electronics with current housings and antennas or vice versa.

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