Top 6 metals provided by Special Metals

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Top 6 metals provided by Special Metals

When it comes to finding the right metal for your industry applications, why look any further than Special Metals?

Here at Special Metals, we have a complete range of refractory metals that have been fabricated in-house. Whatever you need a refractory metal for, Special Metals Fabrication can manufacture the metal to suit the needs of your specific application.

Niobium (Nb).

With a very high melting point, Niobium is suitable for medical components, jet parts and lighting elements. In addition to this, Niobium is a soft, grey ductile metal that was first used commercially in the 20th Century. Special Metal Fabrications supply Niobium to suit your individual business requirements, so why not take advantage of this refractory metals excellent resistance to corrosion?

Zirconium (Zr).

The fabrication of this lustrous metal is a grey/white colour that is particularly soft and malleable. It’s perfect for surgical appliances and vacuum tube filaments.

If you need a metal that has the ability to resist corrosion against acids and alkalis, you cannot go wrong with Zirconium, it has a melting point of 1855°C making it especially ductile!

Molybdenum (Mo).

If you require a metal that has excellent corrosive resistance and high thermal conductivity, Molybdenum is ideal. This pure element is white/silver in colour and has the atomic number 42. Placed 6th overall, Molybdenum has one of the highest melting points of all refractory metals! Some common applications of Molybdenum include use in aerospace, the medical industry and for catalysts.

It’s considered to be more ductile than Tungsten, but what’s the difference?

Tungsten (W).

Tungsten has an atomic number of 74. The name originated from Sweden and translates to “heavy stone” which is apt considering it is one of the most robust and dense refractory metals! Tungsten also has the highest melting point, reaching 3422°C! This is a robust refractory metal that offers high tensile strength, meaning it’s suitable for lighting elements and heating elements. Unlike the other refractory metals, Tungsten can be drawn into thin wires.

Tantalum (Ta).

Are you looking for a metal that has a high melting point? Tantalum has a high melting point of up to 2990°C. This refractory metal offers excellent corrosion resistance too.

The term “Tantalum” stems from Greek Mythology but was initially discovered in Sweden. Tantalum can be found on the periodic table with the atomic number 73. Typically, the metal is used for electronic equipment, including mobile phones, DVD players and computers, however, other applications include jet engines, heat exchanger tubes and vacuum furnaces.

Titanium (Ti).

For a light, lustrous metal, choose Titanium. Titanium has a high strength to low-density ratio, making it useful for an array of applications. Some of the most common uses of Titanium include orthopaedic implants, sporting goods and jewellery! Titanium is coloured a dark silver, and has luxurious properties to offer- don’t hesitate to order yours!

Special Metals Fabrication, are experts in the fabrication of refractory metals, with 45 years of experience, you can count on us to have an abundance of knowledge and expertise. We machine all metals in-house and only manufacture the highest quality of metals – ensuring you receive the best value for money!

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