Top 5 Benefits of Aqua Blasting and Bead Blasting

metal part before and after bead blasting process

Top 5 Benefits of Aqua Blasting and Bead Blasting

Find out about Special Metals Fabrication aqua and bead blasting services today! Keeping metal clean has always been difficult but this needn’t be the case anymore… here at Special Metals, we provide aqua blasting to remove any dirt and grime from metal, ensuring that your metal returns to its original gleaming state.

So, why aqua blasting from Special Metals?

We can help you to create that smooth finish you’ve always wanted to achieve for your ferrous metals. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can’t go wrong with the services we have to offer, not only are they efficient, they’re affordable too.

What about the bead blast?

The bead blasting services we provide are ideal if you need to repair corroded or old-looking metals. The advantage of this technique is that it can be used for heavy-duty cleaning, guaranteeing a quality finish.

Here’s why you need aqua and bead blasting for your metals:


The process of aqua blasting is straightforward. Not only does it enable you to use fine media and water to provide a smooth finish, it is safe to do so. The water acts as a buffer for the metals, therefore requiring no harsh chemicals or other hazardous materials.

With the bead blasting, there are no health and safety hazards either, making it even more favourable!


Our bead blast method is ideal for removing deposits that have formed on metals. Fine glass beads are applied at high pressure along with compressed air to eliminate any impurities.

As well as this, we can achieve several surface finishes to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Both techniques are effective in the sense that they allow you to produce high-quality metals that are smooth and shiny.


You’ll be pleased to know that all our products are priced competitively, ensuring that you get the best value for money and the best quality finish.

As well as this, the bead blast equipment is relatively cheap to produce and can be reused. Maintaining a high-quality metal needn’t be expensive, nor difficult.

Environmentally friendly

With the aqua blasting, we make sure that there is minimal impact on the environment. There is a number of ways this technique permits us to do so, including the fact that the only components required are water and high pressure which will be pulled through a nozzle.

For the bead blast, the materials used for this technique are non-metallic ferrous abrasives and the process for this is, again, extremely convenient. Our bead blasting can provide metals with the uplift they need- ensuring that they offer the same level of quality that they had to start off with.

Scratch resistance

The last thing you want for your metals, whether they be car parts, motorbike parts or antiques, is for them to wear away sooner than you anticipated. In addition to this, you don’t want them to become scratched in the process of a deep clean, so the bead and aqua blasting techniques are ideal. The bead blast method is idyllic because it provides a non-aggressive clean.

As well as this, the method of cleaning can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements and also the type of clean your metal requires. Here at Special Metals, we offer a variety of beads to achieve the best results for you, if you only need a gentle clean, you’ll want to use our round beads, whereas the sharp-cut beads are perfect for a heavy-duty clean!

To find exactly what you need, speak to the experts here at Special Metals.

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