Top 3 tips to avoid safety hazards associated with Welding Materials

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Top 3 tips to avoid safety hazards associated with Welding Materials

The process of welding materials doesn’t need to be stressful, not with the wealth of expertise we have to offer, here at Special Metals Fabrication.

At Special Metals, we have 2 welding chambers, the 100mm x 2.2m long chamber or the 750mm x 1m long, both of which are suitable if you’re looking for Tantalum welding or Molybdenum welding. We offer expertise in a vast range of areas but when it comes to welding refractory metals, you can count on us to provide you with the most suitable equipment. Should you need any expert advice, call 01268 820409!

At Special Metals, we use Miler Syncrowave welding equipment. Not only can it be used for parts that have been manufactured and supplied by us at Special Metals, but metals manufactured elsewhere too. As well as this, the Miller Syncrowave is one of the most popular in its calibre!

The welding of materials like Molybdenum, Niobium, Zirconium and Titanium is difficult under normal conditions, the environment needs to be controlled, hence why the welding chamber is used.

When it comes to Tungsten welding, Niobium welding and Titanium welding, you need to make sure that you’re well-prepared and work in the safest way. Refractory metals like Tungsten cannot be welded where the conditions are normal, therefore you need to make sure you follow safe practice and procedures. Here’s how you can:

1.    Wear a welding mask

Did you know that eye injuries are accountable for ¼ of all welding injuries?

Although it may seem like the most obvious thing to do when using the chamber for Tantalum welding, most of the injuries caused by welding are as a result of not wearing suitable eye protection – so be sensible and choose to protect your eyes from flying debris and deposits.

2.    Keep the room ventilated

Needless to say, there are countless hazards associated with molybdenum welding and titanium welding, however, these can be reduced by keeping the room well-ventilated, allowing air to circulate freely.

Having said this, the vacuums in the welding chambers will be filled with Argon to ultimately prevent oxidisation taking place. This is useful for the process of welding Tantalum which is prone to the attack of oxygen.

To avoid long term damage and serious health problems, you should make sure that the conditions are safe to work in. The processes for Zirconium welding and Niobium welding produce huge quantities of smoke and fumes, of which can build up and cause asthma, along with other conditions.

3.    Make sure your workwear is appropriate

Tungsten welding and Zirconium welding is simple and efficient when you choose Special Metals welding chambers, however, it’s important that you dress appropriately, otherwise you could compromise your safety.

Make sure that you never weld wearing short sleeves, you need to keep your arms covered at all times, but if possible, flame retardant clothing should be worn as it protects you from injury.

If you have any queries regarding the welding materials and the process of welding, feel free to contact our team today!

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