Scrap Metal Trading Without A Licence?

Scrap Metal Trading Without A Licence?

We have been posting regular updates about the scrap metal licencing that came into action on 1st October 2013. It seems as though some members of the public in Leicester may have missed the notice…

Its been said that 5 scrap metal dealers were stopped and could not show evidence that they were registered scrap metal traders and therefore can deal scrap metal.

Councillor Jane Hunt, the council’s cabinet member for regulatory services, said: “Metal theft is a national concern so we are happy to work with Leicestershire Police to help reduce incidents in Charnwood and to deter criminals from trading stolen scrap.

“We are keen to ensure all traders are aware of their new legal responsibility to apply for a license before trading.”

Detective Inspector Steve Durrant, of Leicestershire Police, said; “It sent out a strong message to people who deal in scrap metal that our powers around this offence have been strengthened.

“We will continue to carry out random visits to scrap metal dealers to check they are maintaining the right identity checks on those people who bring scrap metal to them.”

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