Scrap Metal Licences in Basildon?

Scrap Metal Licences in Basildon?

Application for Scrap Metal Dealer Registration

No person may carry on the business of a scrap metal (recycling of old or damaged metals) dealer unless they are registered to do so by their local authority under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964. Registration as a scrap metal dealer is free and lasts for 3 years. It must be renewed before the expiry date if the registered person wishes to carry on as a scrap metal dealer. In addition to registration, the dealer must keep at each registered scrap metal store, a book detailing all scrap metal received at that place and all scrap metal either processed at or dispatched from that place.

You can apply for scrap metal dealer registration online, through the Business Link website, by clicking the link below:

We thought we would put this on here to help any body out who wishes to know how to obtain a licence.

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