Royal gold ring found by York metal detector

Royal gold ring found by York metal detector

A gold ring that holds sapphires  has been discovered near York and is said to be hundreds of years old and possibly previously owned by a King in Europe.

Natalie McCaul, curator of archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum, which owns the ring, said: “What this workshop has shown is that this sapphire ring is even more special than we had previously thought. Nothing like it has been found in this country from the 5th or 6th century.

“It has been fantastic to hear the thoughts of some of the world’s leading experts and their suggestions will allow us to now go away and try and fit the ring into a historical time frame. Hopefully this will lead us to finding out more about the ring and possibly even who might have owned it.”

The gold ring was found by metal detector user Michael Greenhorn, in 2009.

The Yorkshire Museum have raised funds to purchase the ring to be placed into the museum.

It has cost them £35,000 to purchase, receiving grants from various sources.

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