Recycling your metals!

Recycling your metals!

Kent Resource Partnership’s (KRP) MetalMatters campaign has seen a 9% increase in metal packaging being collected and recycled along with household rubbish.

The campaign aimed to deliver leaflets to every household in the 12 KRP authorities to make people in the areas aware of what was going on and how they could help. It was also advertised using council owned transport and buses for advertisement.

According to the scheme’s organiser, “the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro), the campaign cost 21 pence per household (£128,500) making it the best value of any of the MetalMatters campaigns across the UK to date”.

Speaking of the success of the campaign, Rick Hindley, Executive Director of Alupro, said: “The aim of MetalMatters is to help local authorities increase recycling capture rates by positively changing consumer behaviour and to not only recover the campaign investment costs, but deliver additional lasting revenue streams.

“Our partnership with Kent Resource Partnership was the most ambitious we’d attempted, but it has delivered on all counts. It reinforces our experience with previous MetalMatters campaigns that investment in householder communications can make a real difference to recycling capture rates, and go on to deliver cost-effective results for local authorities and their waste management partners.”

Councillor Paul Barrington-King, Chair of the KRP, added: “The potential for kerbside services to capture greater quantities of valuable metals is an ongoing activity for the KRP. We were delighted to work with Alupro to roll out the MetalMatters campaign across the whole of Kent. The fact that we delivered the most ambitious and best value campaign to date shows how well the partnership between Alupro and the KRP focused on delivering top-notch results”.

“The programme’s success to date clearly demonstrates the benefits of communicating the merits of metal recycling at a local level.”

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