New TV Programme Getting Rich in the Recession: Scrappers

New TV Programme Getting Rich in the Recession: Scrappers

We saw this advertised and after reading so much over the last couple of years about scrap metal dealers as well as scrap metal thieves, if you want to know more about somebody who is a scrap dealer then give it a watch.

It is still available on 4od. Pasted below is the description along with link.

“The UK is still feeling the effects of recession. Jobs are being axed, money is tight and most of us are broke.

But look a little closer and you’ll see that the streets of Britain are paved with gold. You just need to know where to look.

With unprecedented access to a scrap yard in Sydenham, South London, this documentary lifts the lid on the secret world of the scrap metal industry.

It’s a world that attracts some of the country’s most surprising characters, from ex-criminals to former music moguls and a mother of three whose nights spent trawling the streets of London are helping heal her broken heart.

In the world of scrap metal anyone can earn a crust if they are willing to put the hours in. They survive by ducking, diving and grafting, relentlessly gathering London’s discarded metal.”

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