New rules for scrap metal dealers

New rules for scrap metal dealers

Hampshire police took to the streets, or more so the companies within the streets today to lead a campaign to check that all scrap metal dealers were registered.

All dealers need to be registered and as the new law came in on 1st October 2013 and they have 2 months to register, which means 1st December is deadline day.

The units visited many scrap yards to make sure that they were all above board and that has in fact registered as a scrap metal dealer, which the registration is £200 to gain a licence.

“Today’s day of action is just the start of the enforcement action taking place across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight following the introduction of the new Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act.

The act affects scrap yard dealers along with mobile collectors of metal, who should all take the time to make themselves aware of their responsibilities and listen to any warnings. This type of enforcement action is ongoing and we will be visiting all of our sites across the two counties in the weeks and months to come.”


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