All You Need to Know About Tungsten Parts

Tungsten Billets

All You Need to Know About Tungsten Parts

Tungsten: a tough and versatile metal

Tungsten is a high density, corrosion resistant, refractory metal with a wide range of uses. It’s also known as wolfram, hence its chemical symbol of W. It has a very high melting point (6170°F or 3410°C) and a low coefficient thermal expansion together with low vapour pressure at elevated temperatures. Tungsten has an extremely high tensile strength and the ability to absorb radioactive radiation. A versatile material, it can be combined with steel and will alloy with copper, iron and nickel.


An adaptable metal with many uses

Tungsten has a wide range of applications, including filaments for incandescent light bulbs, X-ray filaments and targets, heating elements and radiation shielding. It’s capacity to be drawn into very thin wires make it an essential lighting component, as does its high conductivity. Tungsten is the heaviest known element. Its high density and hardness leads to its use by the military to produce penetrating projectiles, as well as grenades, shells and missiles. Tungsten’s other applications include vacuum equipment, medical devices, office machinery and aerospace. Tungsten’s adaptability means that it comes in a variety of forms. These include tungsten wires, tungsten bars, tungsten sheets, tungsten billets and tungsten crucibles. From military hardware to manufacturing and from laboratories to sport, you’ll find Tungsten Parts in some places that might surprise you. As tungsten suppliers, we provide a whole range of tungsten parts and fittings.


A variety of forms

As well as in lighting filaments, tungsten wires are also used in heating elements. For applications utilising the metal’s high density and hardness rather than its conductive capacities, such as machine parts or counter weighting, it can be purchased as tungsten bars or tungsten sheets. In this form, tungsten can be used to make a whole range of tools and components used in manufacturing and elsewhere. It’s very high melting point makes tungsten crucibles ideal for subjecting chemical compounds to extreme heat in the course of chemical analysis or laboratory work. In its cylindrical billet form, tungsten provides the material for a host of manufacturing tools and components. Its high density and specific gravity also make tungsten billets the choice for the shafts of professional darts.

As specialists in the machining, fabrication and supply of refractory metals and tungsten suppliers, we manufacture and supply a range of Tungsten Parts and Fittings to fit your specific requirements. Our tungsten bars, sheets and billets are available in a range of sizes and our tungsten wire comes in a selection of lengths and diameters to suit you. We also manufacture other parts and fittings on request.

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