Metals thieves cause major power cut in Wales.

Metals thieves cause major power cut in Wales.

Metal Thieves were the ones to blame for the power cut which hit the whole of Penarth (Wales) and parts of Dinas Powys on Tuesday night – leaving more than 10,000 homes without electricity.

The damage that they encountered affected the primary substation in the area, causing homes and streets into darkness for apparently and hour from around 7pm.

A Western Power Distribution (WPD) spokesperson said: “We have discovered that the damage to the network was the result of vandalism, specifically metal theft, which is an growing problem in the industry because of the rising cost of the material.

“As well as being highly dangerous for the people involved, it is also very inconvenient for ratepayers who are affected.”

People have discussed that there may have been an explosion just before the powercut, but this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

“There was a problem in Penarth, with around 10,650 homes in the area losing power from 6.59pm,” added the spokesperson.

“We were able to locate the fault and within an hour, all customers were back on an alternative supply.

“We are not aware of any explosion, and do not know where that report came from. It is also unlikely as the emergency services would have been involved in such an instance.”

It hasn’t been noted what sort of metal the thieves were after or have taken as of yet.

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