Metal Thieves Beware

Metal Thieves Beware

Back in June 2012 we posted some news regarding a local metal theft that resulted in death.

Based in Benfleet at the rail station, 2 men were trying to steal metal from the train lines, more precisely the top of them. This resulted one man who touched a 25,000 volt power line was  being “lifted into the air like a ghost”, an inquest has heard.

Terrence Bullock of Canvey Island (just up the road from us) died instantly from this shock.

Bullock was standing on a box when he cut an overhead wire with bolt-cutters, the inquest heard.

Bradshaw, who was jailed for his role in the failed theft, said: “It sparked everywhere. Terry said, ‘get out of here’.”

The men ran from the scene but then Bullock decided to return to get the cable, saying he needed the cash.

Bradshaw said he then watched as his friend was electrocuted.

“I knew I couldn’t go near him, I panicked and ran.”

A narrative verdict that Bullock died of an electric shock at the scene was recorded.

We wanted to post this as a follow up to the incident and also because we want to stress that stealing metal really isn’t worth it. Now that the licensing has come into action, thieves like this cannot sell it on once stolen.

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