Metal theft in Yorkshire gardens!

Metal theft in Yorkshire gardens!

Look out everyone as metal thieves are now hunting your back gardens!

They want anything they can get their hands on – including childrens trampolines, and even shopping trollies?

This information is based on whats been happening in Yorkshire, Railway lines have been targeted for a while now and its the commuters that pay the price, whilst the thieves get what they want.

“Garden furniture, barbecues, fridges, dishwashers and children’s trampolines are being stolen from gardens and these are staying under the radar because they are being classed as ‘other theft’, but they are all metal.

“It really frustrates me that people think they can just go on to somebody’s property and help themselves to it.”

West Yorkshire Police recorded more than 600 metal thefts in March alone. It said the total value of items reported stolen this year had already risen well above £1m.

Chief Superintendent Bill Hotchkiss, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “South Yorkshire has seen a 38 per cent increase in metal theft offences compared to the same period last year and this is a trend which is mirrored in our neighbouring forces and nationally.

“In January this year our figures were around 254 offences per month and they are now averaging around 450 offences.”

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