Metal Theft Crackdown is absolutely critical!

Metal Theft Crackdown is absolutely critical!

Alchemy Metals employees in Stevenage, have said they believe the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act, which came into force on October 1, is essential in preventing illegitimate trade.

Media manager, Nicola Guest, said: “Like any industry, ours has got a bad side, but in our industry we all get tarred with the same brush.

“The reality is that the scrap metal industry has had a questionable reputation for a long time; though it became more prevalent over the last few years. I think what will happen in the long run is that the act will allow legitimate businesses like ourselves to thrive while giving authorities the power to tackle some of the unscrupulous merchants. I feel it’s absolutely critical and a long time overdue.

“The key thing with the bill was not to let too much red tape in. They didn’t want to be disruptive. In terms of day-to-day trading it will have no impact on us, but it will mean companies that have been out stealing metal will struggle for a license this time around.”

As stated in our previous posts, please contact your local council to find out how to obtain a scrap metal dealer’s license.

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