Metal statues to be replaced with… fibre glass!

Metal statues to be replaced with… fibre glass!

Next time you sit and admire a statue, why not check out what its made from?

Its come to our attention that recently there has been more metal thefts, and this time on old statues made from metal materials.

Its been thought up that replacing them with another metal compound would sure enough get them stolen again, so now they will be made of Fibre Glass.

Blackpool Council has been forced to remove public artwork to safeguard it following two major thefts in July and August.

“It’s a solution to an extremely depressing situation,” says Peter Brown, chairman of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (PSMA). “What thieves don’t seem to understand is how little metal there usually is in artworks and statues. They will make hardly any money from them. With the cost and effort of stealing them, you wonder why they bother.”

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