Man Keeps “Treasure”

Man Keeps “Treasure”

Ever find old toot in your garden and throw it away, you could be wrong and like this man he kept it and it is now going into a museum.

So you may not find this sort of thing in your garden – but you never know!

“Taylor had been helping his brother-in-law pick up stones in a newly-ploughed field near Kircubbin on the Ards peninsula, when he spotted the metal lying on the ground and his wife said it was a bull ring, and he should throw it away.
Instead of following his wife’s advice, he contacted a local museum. It was identified as a bracelet-shaped piece of silver dating from between 950 and 1100 AD. It’s thought to have been used as currency by the Vikings before coins were developed.

According to the BBC it may have been taken for storage at a local church near the field after falling into Irish hands. It will now be valued by the UK Treasure Valuation Committee.” BBC News States.

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