Lancashire have created ‘Operation Tornado’

Lancashire have created ‘Operation Tornado’

A Bolton court were forced to interupt an important hearing when it was found their air conditioning unit had been tampered with.

A metal thief had selfishly taken it upon themselves to steal a part of the machine, so they could sell it, and left the court feeling hot and stuffy.

Due to the members of staff and members of public in the court at the time, they were all evacuated outside whilst the problem was looked at.

Bolton council had to have the problem fixed which cost them £250, although at the time they didn’t report it to the police.

A spokesman from Bolton Council said: “The cost of the repair was approximately £250.

“While, as a matter of course, we normally report incidents of theft to the police, in this case the value of the theft was small and there’s insufficient evidence available that would have led to a conviction.”

In May six scrapyards in Bolton signed up to Operation Tornado — a police scheme to make it easier to trace sellers of stolen metal.

If you and/or your company would like to join this operation then please contact Bolton Council.

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