Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Do you work within the:

GlassChemicalMedicalOilGasPharmaceuticalDefenceChemical or Electronic Industry

and require precious metals?

We can help with that!

We have the capacity to manufacture a wide range of parts to any given drawing, sample or customer requirement, using the most up to date Milling, Turning, Welding and Sheet Metal Working equipment available.

We specialize in the manufacture of components to very exacting quality standards, tight tolerance, customer specific requirements and offer a very responsive repair service. We pride ourselves on our levels of customer care and our ‘Total Quality’ approach ensures that our customers receive their orders on time, well packed and in perfect condition.

So if you need anything from us regarding any of our services, we are happy to help!

Just drop us an email any time of day and we will get back to you ASAP or call us within our opening hours.

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