Bead & Aqua Blasting

A recent addition to Special Metals Fabrication facility is the installation of a Guyson bead / grit blaster and a Vaqua aqua blaster.


Aquablasting is a method of blasting using a very fine media and mixing it with water. This is the ultimate surface impact treatment for stainless steel and other non ferrous metals, leaving a super smooth easy wipe stain resistant finish.


Beadblasting is done using fine non metallic abrasives to produce a perfectly clean uniform finish, even on the most awkward of shapes. There are several different attractive bead blast finishes we can achieve.
Both of the above methods are cost effective and time saving surface preparations. They are a non aggressive cleaning process for corroded, painted and old and tired looking metal items.

Motorcycle and scooter parts: cylinder heads, engine pots, crank cases, forks, wheels, exhausts, frames
Car parts: vintage & classic parts, cylinder heads, inlet manifolds, brake drums, master cylinders, wheels
Marine parts: propellers, rudders, deck fittings, anchors, outboard parts
General engineering parts: Fabrications requiring a specific finish, machined parts

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