The Different Types of Tantalum Parts

Tantalum Sheets

The Different Types of Tantalum Parts

Tantalum and its alloy components are corrosion resistant, have high melting points, good cold processing characteristics and other excellent features, which make it the number one choice for industries such as chemical, electronics, aerospace and medical treatment.

Uses of Tantalum in Aerospace Industries

Alloys such as Tantalum Hafnium Alloy, Tantalum Tungsten Alloy, Tungsten Zirconium Alloy and other bars are excellent in making high-temperature resistant materials; as well as controlling rockets, missiles, and supersonic aircraft conditioning parts. The Tantalum Tungsten Alloy works in temperatures under 2500℃.

Uses of Tantalum in Heat Treatment Technology

Supporting attachments such as heat shields, heaters and many others are made using Tantalum and its alloys because of its stability which is more than Molybdenum and Tungsten. It can be formed easily in a high-temperature vacuum furnace. This makes it the main material that is ideal for use in a temperature of under 1600℃.

Uses of Tantalum in Chemical Industries

Tantalum is a highly corrosion resistant material which makes its resistant better than Zirconium. Tantalum does not rot in most media except in fluoride, nordhausen acid and strong alkali, acidic solution containing fluoride ion and fluoride. Its alloys include Ta-40Nb, Ta-7.5W, Ta-10w and Ta-2.5W, help it in bearing very strong temperatures; as well as mineral acid erosion in a better way than any other material.

Other uses of Tantalum

Tantalum boasts of advantages such as intensity in power, good formability, and also stability. Tantalum has a healing capacity of human tissues and does not cause any reaction. It can be used in screws, bones, nails, surgical materials, dental equipment and many others.

Tantalum products include the following:


Tantalum Bars

Tantalum Bars are used as anti-corrosive alloys, Tantalum based thermal resistance and as an additive to Tantalum contained high-temperature alloys. A Tantalum Bar is widely used in petroleum, chemicals, aviation and aerospace industries, and also in electronics.

A Tantalum Bar is a good thermal resistant metal, with anti-corrosion characteristics and is identified with its steel grey colour.

Tantalum Rods

A Tantalum Rod is a high melting point metal. It processes low vapour pressure and is a good electrical and thermal conducter with very high temperatures. It has a high-temperature strength and is corrosion resistant.

A Tantalum Rod is mainly used for shell and tube heaters, heat exchangers, condensers, vessel liners, bayonet heaters, sputtering targets, corrosion resistant fasteners, cathode protection systems for steel structures, high-temperature furnace parts, aircraft and missile parts as well as nuclear reactors.

Tantalum Sheets

Tantalum Sheets are used for chemical processing applications. They provide superior corrosion protection, and can be transformed into military products, chemical processing, as well as other anti-corrosion type applications. They are easily convertible into lining for tanks, vessels, parts for heat exchangers, linings for columns, reactors and many others.

Customers in the manufacture of components for anti-corrosion equipment use Tantalum Sheets. A Tantalum Sheet is used as a substitute for platinum, in laboratory equipment, in sputtering targets, in metallurgical glass and ceramic industries and in machinery processing. Tantalum Sheets can also be used as super alloy additives in nickel based alloys, in manufacturing super alloys and in electron beam melting.

According to your specifications, you can order Tantalum, and we will be glad to cut or shear it for you. We also manufacture and supply other parts and fittings according to your specifications, which include Tantalum Sheets, Tantalum Bars, and Tantalum Rods amongst others.

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