Decreased metal thefts, first time in two years!

Decreased metal thefts, first time in two years!

After the constant tales of increasing metal thefts its quite nice to say they are beginning to decrease.

In the West Midlands for example, in May 2012 there were 450 metal thefts compared to December 2012 where there were 100.

Mr Jones said: “Metal thefts in December 2012 were the lowest we’ve seen, which is a huge achievement. I would like to congratulate West Midlands Police and partners for making this possible. The police, local authorities, MPs, councillors, and many others campaigned for many years to end cash payments for scrap metal, and we are starting to see the fruits of these new laws.”

Sgt Ricky Sweeny, of British Transport Police said “Changes in the law that cut cash payments for scrap created a clear audit trail back to anyone trying to peddle stolen goods”.

He added: “The message is clear – anyone who seeks to profit from stolen metal should be in no doubt that we will do everything in our power to find them, arrest them and make full use of the law to ensure they are not in a position to put lives at risk again.”

Its nice to finally post something positive in relation to this story.

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