Boy finds bomb in garden using metal detector!

Boy finds bomb in garden using metal detector!

As boys will be boys, when little Oliver Hudd was at his Grandmothers house and wanted to use his new metal detector, he only expected to find old coins but found a little bit more than that!

He was only out there for a very short while before he came across the First World War Bomb that cause chaos within the area, but the bomb squad were on hand quickly.

“Jason dug down and felt the spade hit metal. He kept digging and hit it a good few times with the spade before seeing the pointed end and realising it looked like a bomb.”

“I thought Jason was just mucking about at first and I didn’t really believe it,” the mother-of-two added.

“I assumed it was probably some old baked bean tin, but Jason was adamant, so we phoned the police and when they arrived they rang for bomb disposal and closed the road.

“Oliver was so excited, running around the house shouting ‘we found a bomb’, but my three-year-old daughter Josie was scared and clinging to me.”

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