Benefits of Special Metals Fabrication Molybdenum TZM

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Benefits of Special Metals Fabrication Molybdenum TZM

Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum has countless benefits when compared to the range of refractory metals in their purest forms. Special Metal Fabrications supply a complete range of TZM Molybdenum, containing fine carbides, so we’re confident you’ll find something suitable from our collection today!

But what makes a Molybdenum TZM bar so desirable?

SMF provide only the best quality of metals, ensuring that your individual requirements are met, with regards to price and specification. This is why we have an extensive choice of TZM Molybdenum; including Molybdenum TZM plate, Molybdenum TZM bar and Molybdenum rod – each offering suitability for your specific application.


Molybdenum is already a durable refractory metal, however, a Molybdenum TZM bar has been designed to incorporate greater strength. The fact that the TZM is an alloy is advantageous for various applications within industries, it combines the best properties of each element to produce a reliable compound.

The Molybdenum TZM plate offers superior strength,  and used in a range of military applications, so it’s key that it  needs to be hardwearing and strong!

Greater creep resistance.

A Molybdenum TZM rod is renowned for its excellent resistance to creep and corrosion. If you’re looking for a metal that lasts, we suggest you consider our TZM Molybdenum! It’s affordable, reliable and dependable.

High melting point.

The alloyed Molybdenum supplied by SMF is ideal if you require a metal that can withstand extreme temperatures, without compromising the performance or quality of the metal! The TZM Molybdenum offers suitability for high-temperature applications and mechanical loading.

Considering a metal that retains strength at high temperatures? A Molybdenum TZM plate or wire will not weaken or soften once in contact with extreme temperatures.


The temperature for recrystallization is greater for a Molybdenum TZM plate than it would be for pure refractory metals. It’s almost 250°C higher than pure Molybdenum!

High ductility.

Needless to say, Special Metals Fabrication manufacture TZM Molybdenum to order, ensuring that all your specific requirements are met and exceeded. Our products offer flexibility in terms of applications, we can provide you with the most suitable metal in accordance to your needs and wants.

The ductility of the Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum is far greater than any pure elements, can you afford to not use it?

Ease of application.

The Molybdenum TZM bar is easily machinable by all processes, making it convenient for your commercial needs. The ease of Molybdenum alloys is useful for forging tools and electrodes.

Discover the benefits of TZM Molybdenum- click here to request a free quote!

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