£50,000 metal sculpture possibley moved to Hadleigh Farm after Olympics

£50,000 metal sculpture possibley moved to Hadleigh Farm after Olympics

The metal sculpture that was put up a few weeks ago on a roundabout in Hadleigh, Essex may be moved once the olympic games have finished. It was placed there to commemorate the Olympic sport of mountain biking which is being held during August in Hadleigh. It has been now stated that it could possibley be moved to the spot of the olympic game instead of the roundabout.

There have been a couple of sculptures placed around Hadleigh along with numerous flags and signs to show support of the games.

Frustrated resident Bill Tiffin, of Arcadian Gardens, Hadleigh, claims repositioning it would leave it open to vandalism.

He said: “It is absolutely ludicrous. If they truly want it to be a legacy to the Games then the roundabout is already a great location, because everyone can see the sculpture as it’s right at the heart of the area.

“It is crazy to relocate it after all the work and money that has gone into it.

“If they put it in Hadleigh Farm it will just get vandalised and completely ruined because it will be out of sight, which would be a huge waste of money.”

An Essex County Council spokesman admitted Hadleigh Farm was being considered as a permanent venue.

He said: “One option being considered is a move to the Hadleigh Mountain Bike Venue to give future visitors an opportunity to reflect on the Games and the inspiring effect that this has had on the county.

“The sculpture will not be moved in six weeks and we will take on the views and opinions of residents to see where they would like this sculpture to be placed.”

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