5 tips for choosing a metal fabrication company

Work being completed by a metal fabrication company

5 tips for choosing a metal fabrication company

In the wake of the pandemic, UK businesses are tentatively starting to re-open their doors and get back to work. For many, particularly in the manufacturing industry, this could mean forging brand new partnerships. Perhaps your previous metal supplier is out of action? Or maybe you wish to start afresh following lockdown – with the help of a new metal fabrication company?

This isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Your chosen fabrication specialist can have a huge impact on the final success of your project, and is something that you must consider carefully.

Here we offer a few simple tips on how to identify the best company for the job.


1. Ask for recommendations

Nothing quite beats ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. If you know someone who has previously used a fabrication company, give them a call. Ask them about their experience with the company, and whether they’d use them again in the future or perhaps try a different company instead.

This is a great way to compile a shortlist. Once you have the name of two or three potential new partners, you can then take a look at their online reviews – on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.


2. Do a little research

No two metal fabrication companies are the same. In fact, they can differ greatly in terms of:

  • the services they offer
  • the metals they supply
  • the equipment and techniques they use
  • the type of projects they are willing to work on

As such, it’s always worth doing a little research. Visit the website of each fabrication specialist and gather as much information as you can. Have they worked on a similar project in the past? Have they assisted other businesses in your industry? Do they have a lot of experience in your area? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, cross them off your list and move on to the next.


3. Look for quality assurance

When it comes to choosing a fabrication company, you should never compromise on quality. Certain standards will be set out by the regulatory authorities. But aside from this, your business is likely to have its own ‘in-house’ standards that need to be met. So, once you’ve found a company that can help with your order, check out their certifications. Ideally, they should be an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and will conduct thorough quality assessments on all of their products.


quality check conducted by fabrication company


4. Compare quotes

Prices can vary, quite substantially, between fabrication companies. This can be due to several reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of the size or location of the company itself. Other times, it’s due to the company’s level of expertise and the quality of both the raw materials and the final product.

The best option, therefore, is to get a few different quotes.

When sending the enquiry, try to be as clear as possible about what your project involves and the standards you expect. Only consider proposals that fully take your requirements into account and check each quote carefully for any hidden charges or extra costs. The key is to get the perfect balance between a company that will meet your requirements and your project’s budget.


5. Call them for a chat

Finally, before you commit, it’s a good idea to call your chosen fabrication company for a chat. Good customer service isn’t just about taking an order. It’s about the character of the company, the way they interact with clients, and whether they’re able to deliver the products on-time and to the promised standards.

Speaking to them over the phone is a great way to gauge their character. Do they seem like a company you can rely on? Their main concern, as the fabrication specialist, should be to understand your needs and budget. If it’s not, it may be worth having a re-think and returning to your shortlist.


metal parts created by fabrication specialist


Could we be your new fabrication company?

We may be biased; but, here at Special Metals, we think we’re a pretty good metal fabrication company. So, if you’re about to start a new project following lockdown or you’re seeking a new long-term partner, be sure to include us in your mix of potential new fabrication specialists.

Check out our recent blog on why you should ‘choose us for metal fabrication’ and, if you have any questions about the services we offer, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 01268 820409 or send an email to sales@special-metals.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.


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