3D Printed Gun Ban

3D Printed Gun Ban

You may have seen our post a few weeks back regarding a 3D printer that had produced a hand gun, which may have seemed a bit irresponsible due to that if one company can make one so can any other. There are a ban on these though, and it means a change to the firearms act 1968 had to be made to include these weapons.

Now the Home Office has updated the rules around 1968 Firearms Act, which already bans the weapons themselves, to prohibit the manufacture, sale, purchase and possession of complete guns or components unless licensed.

“There is no evidence that they are in widespread circulation, but the coalition government has reviewed existing firearms legislation and made it absolutely clear that it is an offence to own or manufacture a 3D printed gun without a license,” said crime prevention minister Norman Baker.

Manufacturing is undergoing a shift as 3D printing reaches the British high street and can produce anything from guns to cars, metal or even food.


The 3D printing revolution has hit Asda,among other retailers, and they now offer 3D printing and scanning services in-store.

Asda’s York store have one of these machines and you can replicate just about anything bigger than a shoe, including people and pets.

The object is scanned within minutes in-store. The model is then sent to a specialist 3D printing company, which produces a ceramic print in up to 6m different colours at various sizes for as little as £40 within a few days shipping it back to the store, ready to pick up with your next week’s shopping.

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