3 Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

3 Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

3 Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of cutting, shaping, bending or assembling metal. Custom metal fabrication is slightly different in terms of manufacturing a product that meets your specific needs and requirements directly, all you need is your dimensions and specifications!

The fabrication of metal can be useful if you’re looking to design new handrails or stairs, alternatively fabricated material can be ideal for machinery and equipment too. Additionally, sheet metal can be manufactured if you want to create an impact with your finished product after all metal fabrication is the process of adding value!

So, how does custom metal fabrication work?

  1. You come up with a design and take this to a fabrication shop.
  2. The raw material you require is shaped into the design you have created, this is done by cutting or forming.

(Cutting is a method which uses a cutting torch- ensuring the process is quick and easy, whereas a rolling machine is a forming technique).

  1. Your metal will either be cut, burned or stretched to provide shape to the metal.

Some BENEFITS of sheet metal fabrication include:

High strength

You want something to look the part, but what’s the point if it doesn’t resist high temperatures or corrosion? The fabricated metal can withstand high temperatures and pressure, ensuring you have the quality finish you’ve been looking for, that lasts!


Once your metal has been customised, you will discover that it doesn’t weigh very much at all- this is advantageous for you when transporting it! The fabrication process only alters the shape- it doesn’t increase the weight of the piece!


Sheet metal fabrication is suitable for all weather conditions, whether it be heat from the sun or moisture from the rain. In addition to this, the process ensures malleability and durability so your product will resemble high quality from start to finish, and match the design you created!

But why choose Special Metals Fabrication?

At SMF we have a wealth of expertise, offering 105 years of experience we are sure to help you create the metal structure you desire. Using our skills and knowledge, we will provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for, no matter what industry you are in, we have the capability to create your bespoke design!

Our custom metal fabrication process is more effective now than ever before, this is because of our investment into high-quality equipment- ultimately enabling us to work faster but maintain the same standard of quality.

For peace of mind, call us today for a SAME DAY QUOTATION!

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