Molybdenum Parts Images

Molybdenum Parts Images

Molybdenum Stirrer    Large Moly Stirrer Blade

Large Molybdenum Stirrer Blade    Large Molybdenum Stirrer Blade

Molybdenum Base    Molybdenum Deep Stirrer

Molybdenum Furnace    Molybdenum Platter

Molybdenum Stirrer    Molybdenum Stirrer

Molybdenum is a very hard, pure element with an extremely high melting point of around 2620°C, it has a high thermal conductivity and is corrosive resistant to glass and other metals.

Applications include; sintering trays and boats, charge carriers, aerospace parts, plasma spraying nozzles and electrodes, sputtering targets, furnace components, glass stirrers, and medical parts.

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