Workers Mining Metal for Olympic Medals

Workers Mining Metal for Olympic Medals

USW Local 392 represents the workers at ‘Rio Tinto subsidiary Kennecott Utah Copper’s’ operations in Utah where 99 per cent of the metal used to produce the Olympic medals was mined.

“USW Local 392 members take great pride in the world-class work they do,” says Wayne Holland Jr., the staff representative for USW Local 392.

“However, we completely reject the way that Rio Tinto is treating workers in Alma, Quebec. Likewise, we feel it is wrong that Rio Tinto be allowed to associate itself with the Olympic principle of fair play and with the London Games’ commitment to sustainability while treating its workers in Alma as it has.”

“For five months our workers in Alma have stood strong against Rio Tinto. Backed by this support from our colleagues in Utah, we are even more determined to keep up the fight,” said Daniel Roy, USW Quebec Director.

 “As Chairman of the USOC, we urge you to uphold the ethical standards promoted by the Olympic Games and ensure that this summer’s Olympians can wear their hard won medals with pride by getting Rio Tinto Off the Podium,” writes Holland Jr. in the letter to Probst.
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