Watford’s lights out due to thieves of scrap metal

Watford’s lights out due to thieves of scrap metal

There was a power cut through out Watford last night due to thieves who were stealing scrap metal, now this may sound a little odd but electricity supplies EDF have told that they had to turn the power lines off when high voltage cables were stolen.

An EDF worker said: “Anyone entering a substation, other than our own trained engineers, is risking their lives and the lives of others.“Our biggest concern is that thieves risk being electrocuted if they come into contact with high voltage electrical equipment. We will press for the prosecution of anyone caught tampering with our networks and will work with the police to help their investigation of this crime.”

“We would ask customers to report any suspicious activity to police or our Substation Watch hotline, 0800 587 3243.

“Metal theft is currently a global problem, driven by the rising price and high demand for metal across the world.”

It’s not the first time this has happened either, according to reports a similar attack happened in 2008 with similar antics.

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