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Titanium Treasure

The biggest titanium mine based in Cambodia has been estimated by its owner to have up to $135 billion in deposits and is setting up to start producing in Koh Kong in 2011. Its in Chi Pat village and will be 20,400 hectares, which will be the biggest in Cambodia to date.

Chea Chet said “the project had received approval from both the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and the Cambodian Development Council”.

“We are going to process titanium slag and shift it to Japan, the United States, China – any market we can sell it to” he said. Titanium slag is a semi-processed form of the element. It is treated further to produce titanium – used in a wide range of products ranging from toothpaste, to lasers and aircraft engines.

Chea Chet also added “In every 100 million tonnes of ore, 45 percent was slag. This could be sold at between $700 to $2,500 per tonne, depending on market fluctuations, he said.

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