Thieves Target Children’s Metal Play Areas

Thieves Target Children’s Metal Play Areas

Sounds crazy maybe, but after the sheer amount of thefts regarding metal in the last 12 months nothing is that supring any longer.

They have targeted churches, manhole covers and now they have began to steal parts of childrens play areas that have been constructed using metal.

Alot of children’s play areas have been put forward by the community so that their children have somewhere fun to play and be safe too and now thieves are stealing not only the metal away from the playground they are also stealing the fun away from the children.

Councillor Dick Wraith said: “It’s a despicable crime. It seems these metal thieves will stop at nothing. There has been a lot of investment in to facilities at the park, but nothing is left alone. It’s soul-destroying for the people who work hard to provide a good amenity for people in this area to use.”

Anyone who may have witnessed some unusual activity at the park between June 8 and 12, or heard anything that might be linked to the theft, is asked to contact South Yorkshire police on their 101 non-emergency number.

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