Titanium Computer Mouse released!

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Titanium Computer Mouse released!

Intelligent Design, a startup from the Netherlands, has unveiled a computer mouse that costs rather whopping €800 ($1185). The device sports titanium metal cover and may become a desired accessory for those, for whom money is not an issue. The success of the product remains to be seen, but one thing it has already managed to do is to attract attention to Intelligent Design.

Specifications of Intelligent Design’s mouse are not known, but the developer claims that it features titanium cover, neodymium scroll wheel, laser sensor and Bluetooth wireless interconnection. Users will be able to choose between white or black models. The mouse is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later operating systems.

The design of ID’s mouse does not seem to be exactly luxurious, but is rather elegant and coy. As a result, the mouse should be able to match design of different keyboards, displays, system cases as well as other accessories on the desk.

It is hardly likely that the mouse with titanium cover will become truly popular even among target audience, especially considering the fact that luxury is becoming more technologically advanced nowadays (e.g., Samsung smartphones designed by Armani or Mobiado Grand 350 Pioneer smartphone). Still, Intelligent Design’s mouse has already attracted attention to the company itself and helped it to become known.

The mouse from Intelligent Design will be available for purchase at select exhibitions in the Netherlands, including Million Fair Amsterdam 2009, as well as directly from the designer.

Source: www.xbitlabs.com

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