Scaffolding stolen from Hull

Scaffolding stolen from Hull

Just when you thought that people couldn’t steal anything any more random for scrap metal, they are now after scaffolding!

We seem to blog about scrap metal thieves alot, its just so that know what area and what is being stolen so that you can be aware.

Sergeant Julian Hart, neighbourhood policing metal theft lead for Hull, said: “Metal theft nationally is on the rise and in Hull, we have also been experiencing an increased number of metal thefts from houses, gardens and commercial businesses.

“This is a particularly high-value theft. We are informing scrap dealers about it so they can report any suspicious metal being brought into their premises to the police.

“This tactic has led to a number of arrests in recent months.”

Despite the theft, Keepmoat is keen to emphasise it will not delay building work at the site off Hawthorne Avenue.

About 140 homes are being built in the first phase, with 600 earmarked for the site.

A Keepmoat spokesman said: “The site does have a security presence at all times. Someone is there 24/7.

“But it is a large site. We are having a look at the security arrangements in light of what has happened.

“Although it has been an inconvenience, this theft will not affect the building programme.”

Jim Hoyleys, who owns the Seaways fish and chip shop opposite the site, said a lot of people were waiting for the new houses. He added: “They really should be looking at security if they can make off with that much scaffolding.”

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