Molybdenum plays vital role in mining.

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Molybdenum plays vital role in mining.

Molybdenum is an indispensable ingredient in the steels used in mining equipment. It adds strength and wear resistance to the machines used to dig and process ore. It brings corrosion resistance to the chemical processes used in many mining operations. It even finds its way into the lubricants that keep the machines from breaking down. Here we focus on molybdenum in the machinery that digs, shovels, hauls, crushes, grinds and mills the rock to extract valuable raw materials.

Nearly everything we use in our daily lives was once a resource in the ground, often present in miniscule percentages. However, Mother Earth does not give up her treasures easily! Someone has to find that resource, extract it from its home in the earth and enrich it in order to create a useful raw material for material suppliers. To do this, miners dig, crush, grind and mill enormous quantities of rock, stones and dirt and transport them from place to place in the process. The quantities of material and its hardness place great stresses on the equipment used. All along the chain of converting dirt to useful raw materials,

Moly plays an important role. It adds service life to the equipment used throughout the mine and plant, lowering the cost of production and bringing into everyday reach materials and products that we consider indispensable.

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