Missing Tungsten In Canada

Missing Tungsten In Canada

It has come to the attention of the public in Waterloo, Canada that tungsten metal has been going missing, over the last 12 months.

“Sometime over the past year, a large amount of tungsten carbide metal used in the manufacture of industrial machinery had been taken from the company’s location,” North Division Staff Sergeant Paul Driedger said.

He added “Tungsten carbide is a very dense and heavy metal.”

Police confirm as many as 100,000 pieces of tungsten carbide have been stolen.

Tungsten has the highest melting point of these refractory metals at 3422°C. It is very robust and has an extremely high tensile strength; it has the ability to be drawn into very thin wires. Tungsten’s corrosion resistance is also very good.

Applications include; lighting elements, X-ray targets, heating elements, missile components, and due to its high density is used as counter weights.

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