metal blaze causes road closure

metal blaze causes road closure

A factory in the west midlands, that has ignited 1,400 tonnes of metal, could possibly take many says to put out.

Dunne Brothers on Moor Street, Brierly Hill, which is where the fire started took around 30 firefighters to tackle it.

The tonnes of metal, 1,400 of it could take ages to put out due to the metal burning cannot be put out with water. Luckily nobody was hurt during the blaze, and the street was closed, but has not been reopened again.

Tony Jackson, watch manager at Brierley Hill fire station, said smoke was drifting away from residential areas.

He added fire crews would be at the site for most of Tuesday and would also be checking the burning metal over the next three or four days.

“To disturb it is really the worst thing you can do. We just let it take its time, it will burn itself out,” he said.

“There’s no danger to anyone else, it’s a contained site so that’s the best course of action.”

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