Male pulled up over $2.6m metal theft.

Male pulled up over $2.6m metal theft.

When he stole the metal worth $2.6m, that was plain simple but his intention to sell it on was another story.

The metal which was nickel was stolen from Bailtimore Metal Importer in the amount of 100 tons>

Alan Verschleisser who works in a scrap yard, was arrested and charged because he was trying to sell the nickel and was charged under ‘possessing stolen goods from an international shipment’.

Rusty Davis,  of Pittsburgh-based S.H. Bell, said “The shipping containers sat on top of trailers, and all the thieves had to do was cut a hole through a chain-link fence, hook up trucks to the chassis and drive away”.

“There’s a limited number of people that can use that nickel,” he said. Its owner “sent out an alert to the industry to be looking for any strange offers” Davis Added.

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