Hyundai puts safety first

Hyundai puts safety first

Hyundai Steel is apparently joining hands with local builders hoping to strengthen the country’s efforts to reconstruct earthquake safe infrastructure in the aftermath of the recent Japanese disaster.

The company held a conference recently making a contribution to the construction of earthquake tolerant buildings, which have attracted considerable attention among contractors and specialists.

Mr Song said that “We have established a common understanding among both contractors and steelmakers regarding the importance of quake tolerant infrastructure. The country must pay greater attention to the issue.”

In the meantime, Hyundai Steel announced its first quarter performances, which proved to be better than expected. The outfit chalked up KRW 3.55 trillion in sales over the first quarter, up by 75.8% from the corresponding period of 2010. Its bottom line was KRW 258 billion, up by 9.6% YoY.

Another Hyundai Steel official said that “Both of our top and bottom lines improved in terms of productivity this year as the blast furnaces went into operation last year. The trend is expected to continue in the future.”

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