Heavy metals link to horse deaths

Heavy metals link to horse deaths

It has come to the attention that a horse, that seemed every inch okay, suddenly died in Australia.

Steve Hogno said tests of horse-hair samples sent to a US laboratory had turned up high levels of heavy metals including manganese and zinc, among others

“They’re saying they’ve got some of the highest levels of heavy metals they’ve even seen,” Mr Hogno said.

“Now we’ve got to try and find out where they’ve come from.”

The US laboratory indicated that ingestion of a toxic weed or outside intervention could have caused the high metal levels, Mr Hogno said, adding that he did not know why Biosecurity Queensland had reached such a drastically different conclusion.

“The chief pathologist with Biosecurity Queensland is saying what world-class facilities they have, but it seems they’ve drawn a blank and said ‘ticks will do’,” Mr Hogno said.

Twenty-two quarter horses from a herd of 25 died within five days of each other at a property west of the Gold Coast last month, baffling vets and Mr Hogno

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