Gold mine approved

Gold mine approved

National Park convener Linda McKay said: “Without question, this has been the largest and most complicated planning application we have ever had to consider.

“As guardians of some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland, it would have been easy to refuse the second application if we were considering the short-term impact on the landscape, but this National Park plans for long-term conservation management, and that includes having the vision to see beyond the temporary life of the gold mine.”

Scotgold Resources originally applied for planning permission to explore the mine last year but it was rejected due to concerns over the size and shape of the tailings management facility (TMF) and poor restoration proposals for the long-term future on Glen Cononish.

Scotgold and the National Park Authority worked together to find solutions to the objections.

Ms McKay said: “We also have a 30-year commitment to improve the wider Glen Cononish. The Greater Cononish Glen Management Plan will include extending existing native Caledonian pine forest and improving habitats and access tracks.

“This legally-binding agreement means the glen will regain its quiet, remote character following closure of the mine and the landscape will be improved from its current state.”

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