‘Garbologist’ not happy about scrap metal thieves

‘Garbologist’ not happy about scrap metal thieves

Alyce Dunn has been collecting scrap metal to take to recycling centers for close to 25 years.

“I said, ‘Whoa, cans are everywhere!’ That’s money on the street,” Dunn said.

Rising prices for scrap metal and high unemployment have encouraged more and more people to turn to the type of searching she has performed for many years.

“People are more inclined to save aluminum cans when they need extra money,” said Barry Segal, who has opened a few scrap metal centres in his time.

And the price is right for people who choose to recycle more than just cans.

Bob Conroy said that Five years people could get only $50 to $100 a ton for iron. Now it’s closer to $300 or $400.

Same story with copper — Conroy said 10 years ago it was only 80 cents per pound, but now it sells for up to $4.

“It costs so much to refine the raw materials into something we can use,” Conroy said. “The recycling takes a lot less energy.”

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