Chinese Metal Firm to Invest $500m in Cambodia

Chinese Metal Firm to Invest $500m in Cambodia

China’s Guangxi Nonferrous Metal Group has planned to invest 500 million U.S. dollars in a steel plant and an industrial zone in Cambodia.

“Now, it is the phase of iron ore exploitation and the firm is to build a steel plant and later an industrial park in Cambodia,” he said. “My visit is to ask for full support from the ministry in order to find a proper location to build the plant.”

“I hope that the project will be a good pattern of cooperation between Guangxi and Cambodia,” he said.

Suy Sem said the ministry fully supported the project and he would advice a proper location for the firm to build the plant.

“The project will be a huge benefit to Cambodian economy. I will support and facilitate all requests from the firm in order to achieve this ambitious project.”

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